stBEToCPU64 macro
#define stBEToCPU64(

Value to be converted in to CPU specific byte ordering.

Return value:

Macro returns swapped value.


Macro is responsible for changing the format of 64-bit number from big-endian into the format used by CPU.

In case macro is used on processor that works in little-endian, stSwap64 function will be used during conversion. It inverts byte ordering of the specified value. If macro is used on processor that works in big-endian, the macro will not modify the value.

Macro will not be compiled when the functions responsible for byte ordering are excluded from compilation, by setting ST_USE_ENDIANS to 0, or 64-bit integers are disabled by setting AR_USE_64_BIT to 0.

Header file:ST_Endian.h (include ST_API.h)
See also: AR_USE_64_BIT, byte ordering, ST_USE_ENDIANS, stSwap64
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