stHandleAlloc function
BOOL stHandleAlloc(
  HANDLE *Handle,
  PVOID Info

Pointer to variable that receive allocated handle value.


Information associated with handle (can not be NULL).

Return value:

TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. Use stGetLastError function to obtain extended error information.


Function is used to allocate the new, unique handle. Function returns FALSE in case of failure. Achievement of the maximum, available number of handles, defined by ST_MAX_HANDLE_COUNT constant, can be the reason of a failure. When handle is no longer used, the stHandleRelease function is used by system to release the handle.

This function is used by SpaceShadow products, and should not be used by user. It may changed in further releases.

Header file:ST_Handle.h (include ST_API.h)
See also: BOOL, FALSE, HANDLE, handle management, NULL, PVOID, ST_MAX_HANDLE_COUNT, stHandleRelease, stGetLastError, TRUE
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