stHandleInfo function
PVOID stHandleInfo(
  HANDLE Handle,
  PVOID Info

A handle value.


When it is set to NULL, function will return information associated with handle. Otherwise, if it is not NULL, function will overwrite current information associated with handle to value specified in this parameter.

Return value:

When success, function returns current information associated with handle. If it is overwritten the new value is returned. In case of failure, the NULL is returned. Use stGetLastError function to obtain extended error information.


Function is used to set or get information associated with specified handle. This information is a pointer of type PVOID. It is used by SpaceShadow products to determine which object is associated with specified handle.

To obtain handle information, the Info parameter must be set to NULL. In this case, function will return associated information. To set the handle information, the Info parameter must contain a value that will overwrite current value. In this case, function returns new handle information. Function returns NULL if specified handle is invalid.

This function is used by SpaceShadow products, and should not be used by user. It may changed in further releases.

Header file:ST_Handle.h (include ST_API.h)
See also: BOOL, FALSE, HANDLE, handle management, NULL, PVOID, stGetLastError, TRUE
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