osResumeTask function
BOOL osResumeTask(
  HANDLE Handle

A task handle.

Return value:

TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. Use osGetLastError function to obtain extended error information.


Function resumes a suspended task.

This function may be called before system start, from an interrupt or by a task. When the resumed task priority is higher than priority of current task, the resumed task will be executed immediately. When it is called from an interrupt handler, after finishing it, the task with the highest priority will run. When the priority in both cases is equal or less, the resumed task will be stored at the end of the ready-to-run queue when OS_RESUME_IMMEDIATELY is set to zero or at the beginning when it is set to 1.

Function is available only, when the value of OS_SUSP_RES_TASK_FUNC constant is set to 1. When function is not used, it may be disabled to reduce the output code.

Header file:OS_Task.h (include OS_API.h)
See also: BOOL, FALSE, HANDLE, OS_SUSP_RES_TASK_FUNC, OS_RESUME_IMMEDIATELY, osGetLastError, osSuspendTask, tasks, task suspending and resuming, TRUE
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