osReleaseMutex function
BOOL osReleaseMutex(
  HANDLE Handle

Handle of the mutex object.

Return value:

TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. Use osGetLastError function to obtain extended error information.


Function releases owned mutex object.

Mutexes are objects that ensure the synchronization during the access to critical section. A code protected by critical section, controlled by mutex, will be not performed by more than one task.

When the task does not need to be any longer mutex owner, mutex should be released with the osReleaseMutex function. If another task is waiting for this object, it will acquire the mutex. For more information on mutex ownership see the mutex objects section.

Function fails if the calling task does not own the mutex object.

Function is available only, when the value of OS_USE_MUTEX constant is set to 1.

Header file:OS_Mutex.h (include OS_API.h)
See also: BOOL, FALSE, HANDLE, mutexes, osCreateMutex, osGetLastError, TRUE
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