typedef INDEX SYSNAME;
  typedef PSTR SYSNAME;

All objects (besides tasks) could have their own optional name. This name can be defined during object creation. It allows to open an object, when the object handle, assigned by system, is unknown. All operations that are performed on objects require specifying its handle. The osOpen* function, (where * is an object type e.g. Mutex), opens the object and returns its handle. More information on the object opening is available in the system objects management section.

Object name is string and its length is determined by OS_SYS_OBJECT_MAX_NAME_LEN value. When this value is set for 0, as the names are used an integer values of INDEX type. The name should be always passed to system functions through variable of SYSNAME type. This type depends on configuration and it is set to PSTR or INDEX type automatically.

Header file:OS_API.h
See also: INDEX, OS_SYS_OBJECT_MAX_NAME_LEN, PSTR, system objects management
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